I want to draw, but I'm not good at drawing characters. Do you have such a problem?

AnimeCharPoses, then you can solve that problem by looking at the actual character and thinking about the composition!

◆ Features of the AnimeCharPoses

  • 3D characters can be viewed from various angles
  • You can have your character in various poses
  • Favorite scenes can be saved as images

◆ Recommended for those who

  • Beginners in illustration
  • Those who do not want to worry about the perspective and composition of the character
  • If you want to draw a compelling illustration

◆ The reason why the AnimeCharPoses was developed

I believe that creation is the most enriching act. AnimeCharPoses is designed for those who are unfamiliar with the art of illustration by supporting the drawing of a solid character. I developed it with the hope that it will increase the amount of happiness in the world. I would be happy if I could be of some help to you in your illustration work.

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